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This system is unlikely to previous existing move unmanned security systems which may require additional costs monthly.(reactive security system-private officers needs) Our newest system is not different charge among the general residence, the apartment, the mourner's house and the office, the hospital etc. It photographs the external hacker(s) occurrence moment in the place where it was set up then it transmits the image to the registered mobile phone. Also, it will help the police to react more effectively. In addition, it informs and gives the siren which in order is powerful rings so that the trespasser(s) cannot break-in. It is a product which it induces.

The image unmanned alert system will apply the most update image sensor and the forcible entry will be perceived when infiltration site where the image sensor will photograph. Then it will reach and designates in advance registrar and all the emergency notifications and the images will transmit to the mobile phone. It will defend the properties and the victims from any emergency occasions. The self criminal defense system is the most update image unmanned alert system.


  • Non monthly maintenance, the newest concept of self crime prevention & defense system
    - It is not like to the existing system, this system will be based upon the pre-existing mobile network and internet. Therefore, if it is set up once, there is no need extra monthly payment for maintenance. It is the most drastic attraction to the market.

  • Trespasser occurrence moment
    - When the sensor is operated from the guard the body perception sensor, after infiltration fact notifying the hacker and photographing then automatic photograph transmission occur.(simultaneously with the mobile phone which is registered previously up to 4 people)

  • Burglar infiltration or emergency
    - When it presses the emergency button, the system captures the image of trespasser(s) in the property and transmits the image to the pre-registered mobile phone(s) up to 2 people, which registered in advance for the emergency occasions.

  • Emergency guard for the elder and the young single generation
    - It is for young and elders abbreviation the minutes when there is in a house the emergency guard royal tomb which applies a hazard emergency functions

  • Infiltration image store function
    - Trespasser perception occurred, the image which it photographs infiltration moment to store an image especially, with the internet it analysis the hacker and evidence submission after confirming use

  • From outside guard cancellation image transmission demand function (service plan)
    - It transforms in the center and the specific number and password and clung which prevent the possibility of doing cancellation/an image transmission demand from outside without authorising thus, the very customer only can do the outside cancellation.

  • Controlling the siren adjuster
    - The siren egg Ram adjuster royal tomb between 5-60 secs, when the hacker perception the siren alarm set royal tomb which is powerful and loud

  • The various sensor additional function
    - To be proper, the sensor addition which is various. It is possible in establishment depending on the situation/environment and it can be done easily in any type of situation and the expandability.

  • Convenience of establishment
    - Nationwide wherever the place ram yon establishment wherever the telephone which it holds the establishment and user's registration is possible.