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7cop Voice

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The 7cop Voice?

The products on this manual represent manufacturers specials.Our security products has designed for the home,
office and other places where needs automation security to protect your life with the property


  • 1. Siren : External equipped siren provide strong sound
  • 2. Call : Call a state of emergency to five(5) telephones
  • 3. Talking : Inter talking by high sensitive microphone and speaker Registered
  • 4. Tapping : On the sport inspection by a phone
  • 5. Window sensor : Loud speaks when a intruder broke into the house
  • 6. Human body sensing : Human body heat sensor into action to the intruders
  • 7. Warning by voice : Warning by voice regarding emergency status
  • 8.Watch/Release mode : Control by a phone from outside
  • 9. Protecting to aged person : Control by pressing emergency button on remote controller
  • 10. Notice of Cut off phone line : Notify by voice message if phone line is cut off
  • 11. Main gate voice message : Notify by voice message if main gate is opened(#01)
  • 12. Address broadcast : Security instrument reports it's location address

Window sensor installation

  1. The sensor attach to the window can be done by using the both side adhesive tape.
  2. The sensor's sensing distance should set from 2 to 12mm in horizontal. from 0 to 5mm apart in vertical
  3. Adjust sensing distance by the both side tape.
    * Method of replace the battery.
    1. Open the cover by using tool.
    2. You can replace the battery (DC 12V/23A)

Method of record the emergency phone

  1. Call to phone - BB(2times) - #31 - record user phone number* (within 15 digit) - End
  2. You can memory phone dial number to #32~#35 as way of no.1 above.

Method of record the remote controller

  1. Call to phone - BB(2times) - #41 - sensing the remote controller - End
  2. You can memory phone dial number to #42~#45 as way of no.1 above.

Method of window sensor record

  1. Call to phone (connected system phone) - BB(2times) - #01 - Sensing window sensor -Recording voice - End
  2. You can record #02~#08 equally above.
    *1. #01 is recorded in factory.
    2. You can hear the voice
    ("No.1 window opened") when you use #01 window detector on main gate.

Method of PIR detector record

  1. You can record PIR detector same way as window detector and use it same address (#01~#08)

* Method of swithing on and replace the battery

  1. Release the screw
  2. Open the cover by using the tool.
  3. You can turn swich on in center and replace the battery (DC 9V)